Community Walks

We organise every Monday a Mindful community Walk, every Wednesday a Short & Sweet community walk, every Friday a Classic community walk and on Sundays a Sunday Social Walk. In season we also organise Community Sunset Kayak Tours on Wednesday and Sunday. Out of season we organise a BIG WALK (20+ kms) every last Friday of the month and once in a while we do a special community walk like Hierbas making, solstice, almond blossom or a full moon or star gazing walk.

Everybody can join these walks.  You can book and pay for your walk online. The walks are by donation of €10 per person, the BIG WALKS are by donation of €15 per person. If you are on a tight budget please contact us.

We organise every week different walks with different starting points. You find the walks of the week as events on our Facebook page and a monthly planning on our calendar. Or you can subscribe to our mailinglist so you will get the information also in your mailbox.

Check also the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the walks.

Which walk is for me?

Monday Mindful Walks – 2,5 hours / 5 kms, easy walk. Monday Mindful Walks with our Mindful guides bring together the popular practice of Mindfulness with the activity of Walking.

Wednesday’s Short & Sweet Walks – 2-2,5 hours / 5-8 kms, easy/easy+ walks with Sheila guiding and home made cakes and tea/coffee at the end in the cooler months and chilled wine and nibbles for the evening walks in summer. Moderately paced walks with information on the flora, wilde herbs and interesting historical facts along the way.

Friday’s Classic walks – Guided mostly by Toby this is the original community walk, rated medium to hard walks, approximately 10 kms and 4 hours, faster paced, with information on flora, fauna and interesting historical facts and stories along the way, depending on the route.

Sunday’s Social Walks – Lead by the top Walking Ibiza guides, all madly passionate about the island, 8-10 kms medium rated & paced 3-4 hours with information and fascinating details and stories.

Friday’s BIG WALK (last Friday of each month, out of season) – Lead by the owner of Walking Ibiza, Toby Clarke, 20+ kms walk for the more experienced walker.

Have a look at our calendar to see all listed walks & events

What to bring on the walks?

  • A small backpack so your hands are free
  • At least 1.5 litres of water
  • Some snacks to keep you going
  • Good foot wear that has been worn in, trainers are generally ok as long as they have good grip
  • Sunblock if required
  • Sun hat if required
  • Swimming gear in season
  • Torch for night time walks
  • Light shower coat, just in case

We have walking poles available to assist you if required.

DONATION:  The walks are by donation of €10 per person, the BIG WALKS are by donation of €15 per person. If you are on a tight budget please contact us…

DOGS:  If you have a lovely well-trained dog which is also socialized please bring them along. They will need to be on a lead on the roads & some of the beaches.

INSURANCE: We have liability insurance, but do not have medical insurance – this is your responsibility.

GUIDES: All our guides are trained and have the ability to lead groups, they all carry a first aid kit and use walkie-talkies to keep in contact with a backmarker to make sure the group stays together and are safe. We also have strict departure and return procedure to ensure everyone is accounted for.

The trip and your safety is your responsibility and you must ensure you are covered for this prior to coming on the walk.

The very very narrow path to the lighthouse today!

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