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    In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

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    Discover the other side of Ibiza...magical walks on the White Isle.

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    The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet.

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    Walking: The most ancient exercise and still the best modern exercise.

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    The longest journey begins with a single step.

Guided walking on Ibiza

 There is no better way to discover Ibiza than on foot…

Taking time out to walk amongst its rugged beauty, climb the rocky terrain and traverse Ibiza’s coastline, fringed by crystal clear waters, refreshes you inside and out.

Being born here, there are few spots I have not walked on Ibiza. After taking a walk around the full circumference of the island over 11 days and nights, I had a rare opportunity to fully drink in its landscape. As a result, I find my cup is always quite full!

Spending time in nature and discovering Ibiza’s secret beaches, hidden paths and seemingly never ending wonders is still a journey for me and one I love to share.

No matter what fitness level you are, we have a walk to suit you and your group and be sure that Ibiza will amaze and surprise you on route.

Private Walks

Walking is a simple pleasure, but like most things in life, unless you’re on the right path it can get tricky!

At Walking Ibiza, we have a number of recommended private walks with various difficulties, all managed as seamless operation and with natural beauty assured.
All walks are guided by either Toby or one of our experienced guides, who are all based here on the island year round, you have the option to choose which guide when booking depending on availability.
All private walks can include transfers if required (max 8 people in our vehicle) to and from your villa, hotel or boat. There is also an option for picnics to be provided and we also have walking poles for hire.
We can accommodate large groups if required including transfers by bus. With larger groups we always have a suitable number of guides to ensure everyone is safely looked after.
To book one of our recommended Top Ten Private Walks click here

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us for a bespoke, tailor made walk (additional charges apply)

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Experience Ibiza from the crystal clear waters of Ibiza with a daytime or sunset private kayaking tour

Sunset kayaking at Cala Benirras

Our magical kayaking trips leave from a beautiful beach at a perfect time of the evening to watch the sun dip and disappear into Ibiza’s beautiful ocean from your kayak. Our kayaks are the sit on type and are very stable. Usually within a few minutes of being on them most people feel very confident and are happy to venture out on the calm, non tidal Mediterranean sea. The trip takes you around the coast line looking into secluded coves and stunning little fishing huts.

Its a perfect opportunity to get away from the usual tourist scene and do something different like venturing into hidden caves once used by smugglers.

As with the walks Toby includes interesting facts along the way, there is also opportunity to take a snorkel stop in the beautiful waters and possibly if you’re brave enough you could do some cliff diving/ jumping?

The kayaking lasts around 2 hours, the cost of each kayaking trip for up to 6 people will be €240.00. For each additional person after that there will be a €40 charge.


3 Day / 2 Night walks

Walking in the woodsA word that often comes to me on this island is the word trust.

When I walk it pops up a lot and I feel like that is something we should give in to, as more often than not we are too busy to notice anything!

Taking a break back in nature gives us a chance to tune in a little more and realign away from our creature comforts.

It is what I notice the more time I spend walking and the less time I am at my lap top when I took the decision to walk round the island with just a single euro in my pocket 3 years ago with my dog Cosmo. I trusted completely that we would be fed and watered en route…thankfully I was right.

Since then, requests to take others on this journey have come to me a lot, but some do not have the time for the full experience. I now offer 3 day 2 night walks and this includes food and drinks, guidance, tent, mat and insurance.

To join us, you will need to have basic fitness, but boundless energy and be able to carry a 5kg day pack each day.

You will need to provide sleeping bag, rucksack & be sure you are insured medically.

We will take care of the rest for you.

The cost for the walk is €300 per person. Max 8 people.

A typical day

Las Salinas at sunsetEach day is organic and tailored to the group and individuals. The walk is not a race but a time to allow people to switch off and enjoy the outstanding beauty of Ibiza. We walk on average 15-20kms a day, there are some hills, but we go at the pace of the group.

We stop for lunch wherever we find a good spot to soak up the sun, and take in the deep blue of the sea and luckily Ibiza provides many such places. Ibiza has many uninhabited stretches of coastline which we always seek out on our hikes or to lounge upon for lunch or just take a break while we relish the cool blissed out breeze beneath the pine trees while relaxing with new friends.

All food provided on the trip is highly nutritious and where possible locally sourced to ensure the maximum energy from the island is consumed and of course, it’s all made with love.

Close to the camping stop for the night we will be met with our tents/ sleeping bags And provisions for the evening.

Once snuggled up around the camp fire near to some of Ibiza’s hidden beaches you will most likely find yourself gazing up at the star filled sky, eating a well deserved dinner reminiscing about the days with your new companions.

If you’d like more information, please CONTACT US

Community Walks

Clover Valley walk

Winter season – every Friday and Saturday.

Occasional walks in summer season.

As a resident of the island, you get to see the slightly less crazy months of the year, when winter sets in and the holidaymakers have gone home. This is one of the nicest times of year to walk here in Ibiza and get to know those who live here, when they are less busy working.

It’s a great way to catch up, see old friends and meet new ones, so I’ve set up a twice weekly walk on Fridays and Saturdays when all of us can get together whilst taking in the beautiful scenery.

This is not purely for residents and everyone is welcome. If you are thinking of moving here or want to meet those who are living here to get a more local perspective however, this is a good way to mine for information!

All walks start at 10am, though in summer to avoid the heat I also organise sunrise and sunset walks.

Always check the Facebook page HERE for locations, times and difficulty levels – plus photos of the walks you may have been captured in previously!

The suggested donation for this walk is 10 Euros and is greatly appreciated. Dogs are also welcome to come and join Cosmo on the walk and keep him company.

Ibiza Charity Adventure

April 2016

Are you ready for a challenge that will take you to Ibiza’s most precious places? Fancy seeing some 250km of the magical island we all love in four days by bike, by kayak and on foot? If you’re up for sleeping under the stars, feeling the warmth of the wind as it rushes through your hair on cliff roads overlooking the Mediterranean, diving into crystal clear waters in beautiful hidden coves and racing through lush, green forests while discovering the wonder of Ibiza then it’s time to participate in this year’s Ibiza Charity Adventure on April 22-25.

Walking Ibiza and Bespoke Ibiza have come together to create Ibiza Charity Adventure – 22-25 April 2015: an exhilarating four-day program of hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and many more surprise outdoor activities combining the pursuits above plus one night camping and two nights stay at a hostel.

Now in its second year, this unique challenge is designed to simultaneously take your breath away while raising money for two fantastic causes, or, if you prefer, you’re welcome to pledge money to your own chosen charity instead.

Here’s a taster of what to expect if you sign up for this challenge of a lifetime:

Day 1

The 4 day adventure begins in the old town of Ibiza – the medieval UNESCO heritage site with its enchanting, winding cobbled streets. You will be kitted out in the latest top quality mountain bikes and soon be cycling with ease out the old town and passing the stunning scenery of the salt flats of Las Salinas before following the coast with a few stops for a swim and lunch. You will complete 65kms by the time you reach Cala Conta where the kayaks will be waiting for us.  It’s then a 10km kayak (approx 3 hours) including the discovery of some wonderful caves before ending up at a secret location where you will spend the night under the stars, recounting  your day’s adventure around the camp fire whilst eating nourishing, homemade food.

Day 2

Waking early to a lovely breakfast, we’ll load up the kayaks with supplies and head off on a grueIMG_8946lling 30km adventure by sea (approx 9 hours).  We’ll head up the west coast of Ibiza under the gaze of spectacular 350m cliffs and bays only accessible from the sea. The first place we’ll land will be after about 4 hours kayaking and we’ll take a well-earned rest and enjoy a much needed lunch in a beautiful, secluded `C` shaped bay only accessible by foot and from the sea.  After lunch we’ll continue passing amazing vistas and some massive caves, completing the day in the north of Ibiza staying in a lovely hostal where we’ll take well deserved hot showers and dinner will be waiting for us.


Day 3

This day is a wonderful hiking day of 25kms. We’ll be hugging the sea around the ‘crystal coast’ where you can find Ibiza’s very own crystals – just the thing to energize yourself – then we’ll continue on, passing ancient terraced farmland and secluded bays (for swimming!) along the way.  Lunch will be taken under a rare old oak tree then we’ll keep going, past the most northerly point of Ibiza. At this point we’ll be heading south – and homebound!  We’ll spend this night in a lovely hotel on the coast.

Day 4

After filling up with breakfast we’ll get back on our familiar mountain bikes for the 50kms homeward stretch. YouIMG_9046 will be waved and cheered on by people following your progress online via the live GPS feed – just what you need to spur you on to the end! We’ll pass through some towns today and then head back into the forests with the lovely scent of pine trees all around us.  Down ancient lanes, passing incredible modern villas and eventually with the sight of Ibiza old town coming into view, you’ll know the 4 day challenge is almost complete.  A cheering crowd and Champagne corks popping will welcome you at the finishing line!  But being Ibiza, the adventure doesn’t end there.

It’s a quick shower and change before going out for a celebration dinner and maybe onwards to one of the infamous clubs…

Helping others and yourself

Embarking on the wonders of this challenge and embracing the beauty of nature, this adventure is set to lead you on a journey of self-discovery – a way to shed the layers of everyday life and a trial which once achieved will undoubtedly freshen your outlook on pretty much everything. As well as opening up your own horizons, your Adventure will help generate more opportunities too for organisations which work selflessly to improve the lives of children with disabilities and cancer patients.

One of the charities is APNEEF – an Ibiza and Formentera based group working with children who have special educational needs. Their objectives are to improve the development and evolution of these children and to increase their quality of life and social integration by means of specialised programmes such as psychomotor therapy, equine therapy, multi-sensory stimulation, manual workshops and hydrotherapy, as well as any other treatment which helps to stimulate and rehabilitate.

The Samasound Association is the other organisation set to benefit from this fund-raiser. By offering sound healing to patients fighting cancer and other illnesses, results of this effective treatment are incredible and include strengthening of the immune system and allaying stress, leading to wonderful improvements in critical situations. The work of this group has now spread beyond Ibiza to the United States and they’re fighting to have sound healing recognised as a complimentary medical treatment.

To take part in the Adventure, participants will be expected to pledge a minimum sponsorship of €1250.00.  All you need to secure your place is the initial payment of €300.

All food and drinks will be provided on the Adventure but participants will be expected to bring their own sleeping bag and of course, appropriate footwear and clothing. Tents and equipment will be provided. Spaces are limited.

For more information or to register contact toby@walkingibiza.com  or call (0034) 608 692 901.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

If you are interested, please CONTACT ME!

If you’d like to go straight ahead and get involved, pay your deposit now:

 And if you’d like to donate a little something to help any of the two charities, here’s how:

– in Sterling

– in Euro

Around the Island October 12 2015

High view of Es Vedera with tree in foregroundWhen I took off with my dog Cosmo and just one euro in my back pocket to survive the trip a few years ago, it did strike me as slightly foolish. However, as the days passed and I encountered a barrage of generosity and adventure, I realised this was the trip that would change my life…and it did.

Having those 12 days without gadgets or gismo’s and just being fully immersed in nature threw a new perspective on my life. I felt more connected to nature, but more importantly with myself and my surroundings. I am fully aware the best things in life are for free and you could do this by yourself as I did, but sharing this journey is a special experience and having been asked many times to guide people on the route I took, it felt natural to facilitate this for others.



Walkers tent with sunriseI have taken many guests on this round the island walk. I usually book groups twice a year for this journey.

The next one will be on October 12 2015 and I am looking for 10 active individuals to join me on this magical journey.

The walk will be inclusive with most of the food and drinks provided, you will need to be fairly fit and capable of carrying a 10-12 kg backpack.

Most of all I am looking for people who are up for a challenge, as this is no walk in the park! Ibiza has hills and rocks and big cliffs and breath taking beauty to be discovered. Even when you think you can’t take another step, a new view will inspire you to keep up and continue and we will all share in this life changing experience together.


Adventurer Island walk 2015

This is the full on experience, you will carry everything you need, be camping at stunning locations and really get back to nature in every way.  We spend 2 nights in hotels along the way and have food either delivered by the support vehicle every few days or eat at locals bars and restaurants.

For the 2 week experience the price is €1400.00.

Flights are not included to and from Ibiza.

You will need to provide; sleeping bag, rucksack, ensure you are fully insured medically and be full of boundless energy.

Take a look at the 2013 walk page for more information & testimonials and to get a feel for what you will experience.

If you are up for it please BOOK HERE!

Walking and Yoga Retreat 12-19 September 2015


Over this week we’ll show you the beauty, the healing, the magic, the peace, the myths and the legends of this sacred island. Ibiza is the island of Yin and Yang with many different sides, during this retreat you will discover the hidden Ibiza, the secret bays with crystal clear water for swimming, pine scented forests paths, find hidden quartz crystals and witness the famous magical sunsets from secret locations. This is all wrapped up with wonderful Yoga which will relax and ground you, guided meditations, home cooked delicious food and great company in a luxury private villa.

The Yoga will help you tune into Ibiza’s magical healing vibes and either energise you for the day and walking adventure ahead or stretch out and relax you after a day of exploring. There will also be lots of delicious yoga nidra to set you up for a restful night’s sleep and guided meditations at some of Ibiza’s most sacred spots.

Kirsty Gallagher will lead the yoga and meditation on this retreat. Her style is vinyasa flow, complemented with yin sessions to really help stretch the body and release tension. Kirsty has taught many retreats on Ibiza and for her it is a home away from home. More information on Kirsty can be found here http://www.kirstygallagher.com/

The walks will take you right back to nature as you discover Ibiza’s rustic beauty and rugged charm. Discover secret beaches fringed by crystal clear waters, hidden paths and seemingly never ending wonders. Open yourself up to a whole new side of Ibiza as you soak in not just the natural beauty but also the sacred sites and magical energy that make Ibiza one of the most unique islands in the world. Each walk will be approx. 3-4 hours.

Our home for the week will be a beautiful private villa nestled in the hillside near San Llorenco. The villa itself has everything you could imagine.  A purpose built studio, yoga deck, 18m swimming pool, Mongolian Ger (yurt) are just some of the features at Can Amonita – http://www.ibizavillaamonita.com/ –  and it’s surrounded by beautiful countryside.

The food will be fresh, healthy, home cooked and packed full of nutrition and superfoods to help keep up your energy and fill you with goodness! Every day there will be a delicious breakfast/brunch and then depending on the day a lunch or evening meal (some days these will be enjoyed at picturesque spots on the walks)

Example Daily Schedule (subject to change)

  • 30am vinyasa flow yoga
  • 10am brunch
  • Free time
  • 3pm we head South for a lovely picnic followed by a sunset walk. Taking in the coastline around Cala Compte which includes a pirate tower and caves (also known as the ´rave cave´), many wonderful places to swim and relax, and the magical Ibiza sunset!




Walk Ratings

Ibiza provides the perfect platform for all levels of walking and we have categorised our walks into the following groups to enable you to select a walk which best suits you – depending on whether you want a relaxing stroll or a challenging hill climb!



These walks are from 5km up to 8km, and last approximately 2-3 hours. They are suitable for all and no walking experience is required, although a base level of fitness is recommended. Suitable for older children. Terrain is mainly flat on well maintained paths and lanes. Lots of shade.



These walks are 8-10km in length and last up to 4 hours. There are some hills included and not all paths will be well maintained, and there may be loose stones underfoot. Some experience of walking and a basic level of fitness is recommended.



Red walks are up to 12km in length and last up to 5 hours. There will be plenty of hills, with some scrambling, gravel paths and other some tricky terrain. There may be loose stones underfoot These walks may not always be in the shade. A good level of fitness and walking experience is recommended


Harder +

For the more adventurous and experienced walker, these walks are at least 12km and 5 hours long, often more. With steep hills, unmarked paths and cliffs and rocks, and with loose stones underfoot these walks suit those with good fitness who are looking for something a little more than the average hike.



About us

Often confused with a destination purely for hedonists, who use the island as their playground, I love to see the look of surprise as people discover what else Ibiza has to offer.

Less talked about is its rustic beauty and rugged charm, often overlooked by those purely seeking the obvious sun, sand, surf and sangria.

In fact, some spots on the island are so sacred, they now have their own protection system and have been named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Like most of the good things in life, the best ones here are also free and do not have a 50 Euro entry fee or burly bouncer at their door. However, they do require a little perseverance & effort to find.

We are all guilty, when on holidays, of wanting to collapse onto the nearest lounger, but even a one day walk opens up a whole new side to Ibiza  that you will never encounter on the usual tourists trails.

This has reminded me why I have always loved my home. Kicking off an 11 day trip hiking her hills, curves and ragged rocky corners.  You can hear the full story of that round the island venture in my first instalment of the Tales from the Walking Trails podcast.

Being born on Ibiza I am passionate about sharing the paths I have discovered here and they are not always related purely to the scenery, as Ibiza is a spiritual place. Once you walk in Ibiza, you will feel the magical energy she emanates, as Ibiza is grounded on a bed of crystals and lives opposite the unique beauty of Es Vedra, the third most magnetic point in the world.

This magical energy is probably what finally drew me back to Ibiza after a break to the career treadmill of the UK.

I found my cycle of powerful job, big car, bigger house, mortgage & bills finally threw me off it’s conveyor belt and I was lucky to escape with my beautiful wife Belinda.


Luckily we both shared the same vision to live abroad and after our daughters had flown the nest, we headed to Latin America travelling for what was to be the beginning of a two year trip.

It got cut dramatically short in Cusco after travelling for our first year, perched high on top of a sacred mountain. We shared a similar revelation, that we needed to come back to Ibiza and set up home. It was the best decision we have made and Walking Ibiza was born from my decision to walk round the island with one euro in my pocket, 3 years ago.

The rest as they say is….history!


Forest, cliffs and empty, stony beaches

Discover the real Ibiza

Home Stay Accommodation

We are pleased to be able to offer home stay accommodation on Ibiza in our wonderful house.

We have a self contained studio room with en suite and private entrance.

The house is located just near to San Joan in the North of the island, close to the wonderful beach of Benniras.

If you are interested in staying, please CONTACT ME!

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